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As the number one emergency services vehicle livery supplier in the UK, PVL is accustomed to being asked to respond to urgent branding requests, but a call from How’s My Driving founder Ross Smith asking for a quote for his Niesmann & Bischoff Arto 69G A CLASS 5 berth motorhome for a mini tour of six air shows between now and the end of the year was a little different.


Keen to grow his portfolio of social enterprise companies Ross Smith recently set up that sets out to enable existing and prospective boat owners to share ownership and use of boats they might otherwise not be able to afford individually.

Ross was on the M6 and spotted one of PVL’s application team vehicles and from the signage on it realised that the solution to converting a recently acquired Motorhome to use as a promotional battle bus for was probably at the end of a phone call.

He made contact with PVL’s National Sales Manager Will Clarke and explained that he wanted the entire motorhome wrapped.

How we helped

PVL’s National Fittings Project Manager Mark Allen quickly identified that the new Avery MP11104 digital media vinyl with MP11460 overlay would provide the vibrancy, definition and life expectancy required.

Now that the highly distinctive motorhome is fully wrapped it is going to be used to tour boat shows and air shows around the UK providing a large promotional canvas for the new website based boat sharing enterprise. had already commissioned a large cartoon-based piece artwork that required extensive reworking and tweaking in order to get the look of the vehicle absolutely right. PVL worked with the various designers for each elevation. Once the designs were finalised we applied the striking livery at our factory.

Ross Smith is a serial entrepreneur who owns several businesses including household names like Lyons Coffee. Having put in place experienced CEOs to run these businesses twenty years ago and having spent a considerable amount of time in his career on the road, he became aware of the high number of RTAs caused by lack of awareness of other vehicles and general carelessness on the road.

This prompted him to set up the national road safety scheme How’s My Driving that encouraged owners of large fleets to put signs on the back of vehicles that would identify the individual vehicle and provide a national call centre number to report examples of good and bad driving.

Driving is an activity that becomes more automatic the more we do it and that familiarity leads to autopilot syndrome or driving without thought. How’s My Driving reminds drivers displaying the badge to be more vigilant leading to greater road safety and costs saving due to fewer accidents.

After two decades the numbers of vehicles on the road with these badges has risen to over 10,000 and companies participating have seen accidental damage costs plummet.

The social enterprise is careful only to enlist companies and councils who are serious about maintaining high driving standards and as a result the UK now has a much better ratio of accidents to vehicles on the road to other countries including the USA.

What we delivered

PVL’s Sales Director Will Clarke said, “This was a superb project to show off our high level expertise at wrapping the most eccentric looking and awkwardly shaped vehicle imaginable. The motorhome had all kinds of panels, apertures and fiddly corners to navigate and we liaised closely with Ross and his designers to get it absolutely right and on time. We look forward to seeing it at various events around the country this year.”

How’s My Driving / founder Ross Smith commented, “ and are on a mission to get more people boating and sharing unused boats that sit in marinas collecting weed. We’re touring the UK’s biggest coastal shows and instead of annoying day trippers with unwanted leaflets they won’t read we’ve worked with PVL to put a giant message on wheels.

As a social enterprise, we really appreciated the cost savings that came through advice and efficiency from the team headed by Sales Director Will Clarke and a How’s My Driving badge will be fitted to the rear of our mobile bill board!”

Ross Smith, Tour Director

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