The Martlets Shopping Centre | Preview Group

About the client

Independent commercial property management and building consultancy Workman LLP manage over 3,500 properties throughout the UK. The Martlets Shopping Centre is just one of those properties; featuring a number of retail outlets ranging in size and located in a pedestrianised shopping and dining area in Burgess Hill.

Their requirement

In the current climate a number of retail units have become vacant, following the close down or relocation of some local independent businesses. As more premises have become empty over the last 18 months an opportunity has arisen to improve the overall look of the area through the introduction of stylish new window artwork. The Martlets needed a visual overhaul; something that would ensure the area looks attractive to potential new tenants as well as shoppers.

The Preview group were chosen to produce the creative design for new shop window graphics that could be united through the creation of a central theme and graphic style. Printed panels were required at a range of different sizes for an initial number of units and a flexible solution was needed that would allow the panels to easily be installed, removed and then re-installed using a straight forward process.

What we supplied

A suite of illustration style graphics were created, each representing a different shopping experience including cafes, clothes and food retailers. Through the supply of visuals the client was able to see how the windows would look following installation, before we printed each panel and mounted it on a lightweight foam board. Using velcro we devised a solution that would allow the panels to be positioned in each window, but so the client could easily remove them as they need to showcase the available units to their potential clients. This flexibility also means that temporary ‘pop-up’ shops can also set up residency in the units, but the window graphics can then be re-installed when they move out again.

The range of images produced means subsequent panels can be set up, printed and installed relatively easily without any noticeable repeating of images across the number of retail units. Since the initial launch we have supplied and installed graphics in a number of additional units and now the client has a number of panels at different sizes that can be re-used in other units should they require it.

The results

The shopping area is now bright and colourful, even with the reduced number of shops. The team at The Martlets are able to effectively showcase the availability of the units to potential tenants, whilst shoppers can continue to enjoy their shopping experience without being put off by empty shops.

Workman LLP were especially impressed with the work completed in Burgess Hill that we were later requested to deploy the same design at two further shopping centres that they manage.

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